Nokia’s OZO VR software suite now out for Windows

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Nokia OZO’s last unveiling didn’t go as well as expected. The virtual reality camera lacked certain aspects when it launched last year and since then, the OZO team has put a lot of polish on the products by making major changes and improvements to the software and steadily upgrading the feature set of the camera with firmware updates. The end result is quite impressive and now, the $45,000 stereoscopic camera is the most desirable choice when it comes to an all-in-one solution for VR filmmakers.

The OZO Software suite comes with three applications: OZO Remote, OZO Creator and OZO Preview. This enables access to more affordable and sturdy hardware, also sporting the Oculus Rift CV-1.

After much diligence and hard graft, Nokia is finally launching a beta OZO Creator software for Windows devices. The company reduced stitching time by 25% on macOS and 50% on the PC after the last update of the firmware which was in June.

Every pro-gamer knows that standard platforms running VR headsets are Windows based PCs rather than Apple’s high-end Mac Pro because of the graphics card restraints.

“Unfortunately the Apple platform hasn’t been involved with the newest HMDs, and so for us it became a must to bring the OZO Creator platform to Windows,” Voltolina stated.

Aside from the software alterations coming to OZO Creator, firmware updates related to camera utility are being introduced as well. The new Assisted Exposure Mode is designed to help users enable the camera and adjust exposure automatically depending on changes in lighting in the surroundings. Additionally, improved accuracy for camera’s white balance selection has also been added along with other major enhancements for graphics.

OZO Creator:

OZO Creator lets you review and edit recorded footage to prepare files for post-production by seamlessly integrating with the industry standard editing tools you already use. OZO Creator further enables VR creators like you with powerful 2D and 3D 360 stitching functionality which includes a fast stitch option for quick review of dailies, and a high quality stitch option for when you’re getting ready for a final export. OZO Creator’s stitching tools are powerful and efficient, yet amazingly easy to use with the ability to begin a stitch project in seconds.

OZO Preview:

OZO Preview allows you to preview camera-original rendered OZO files and provides an easy way for creative teams to review dailies and rough cuts together that have been edited, post-produced, mixed, and sweetened using industry standard tools – all at your fingertips.

OZO Remote:

OZO Remote gives you complete wireless control over your camera on-set or in the field. You can control camera settings, and monitor in real-time all eight of OZO’s lenses, or a single lens at a time. OZO’s exclusive, interactive Real-Time Monitoring feature allows directors like you get the shot right the first time. Use with an Oculus Rift CV-1 headset to get real-time, interactive feedback of cast performances.

It’s evident that companies now realize the importance of the rapidly changing technology  needed for VR, and Nokia is already doing a good job. This is exactly why they are opting for rapid upgrades through firmware to keep its OZO camera up-to-date.

“We’re excited to offer multi-platform support for OZO Software suite as this greatly increases the number of people who can use OZO to tell amazing stories and to create immersive experiences,” announced the Head of Marketing, Presence Capture at Nokia, Mick Perona.

If you want to try it out, you can get it here from Nokia.

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