Nokia’s new Viki voice assistant to take on Cortana

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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Chinse residents were recently able to witness the release of a new device that debuted in their country, a new Nokia device built by HMD. It’s called the Nokia 6 and was created from a team made up of ex-Nokia associates and Microsoft Mobile officials.

While this release isn’t exciting, there is Nokia related news that should pack a more potent punch. Recently, it was discovered that a trademark was filed in Europe for what appears to be a direct competitor to Microsoft’s Cortana digital voice assistant. The new assistant’s name is allegedly Viki. According to the pattern, it seems that it would use multiple technologies to come up with a new type of voice assistant that should differentiate itself from the assistants in the crowd. On top of digital data, Viki would potentially use alternative data collection.

There’s a strong chance that Viki will debut and empower Nokia branded devices developed by HDM. It will be interesting to see where Viki ends up and how she will impact the market. With more and more digital voice assistant solutions becoming popular, it seems that we are heading towards a smartphone future where speaking to your phone rather than typing or using your hand will become the norm.

So far, Apple’s Siri and Google’s assistant are leading this segment, although each supplies services in a limited way. Other solutions like Cortana and the newly developed Alexa fill in gaps and round out the assistant segment.


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