Norton Security Premium 2017 receives its first public beta

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The public beta that Symantec created for its Norton Security Premium 2017 is now available to install and comes with Proactive Exploit Protection, a new feature that prevents malware from exploiting loopholes within an OS. Symantec will provide a 14 day trial period to users so they can try out the virus protection software.

Along with Norton Security Premium 2017 now being compatible with the 64-bit versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers, it also scans new program installs in a separate space to make sure they’re not dangerous.

Symantec redesigned its interface as well, opting for a light green design, perfect to go along with the Intrusion Protection System (IPS) designed to protect devices from threats before they try to infiltrate inside. This antivirus software can protect up to 10 PCs, Macs and mobile devices, defending them against viruses, spyware and all kinds of online threats.

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With Norton Security Premium 2017, you will be warned if you’re about to visit a risky website, prevented from downloading dangerous content or making unsafe transactions, your home network will be protected with a smart firewall. In addition, whenever you have questions or issues, you can contact a Norton expert who will help you keep your device virus-free or give your money back in the case you change your mind and no longer wish to use Norton Security Premium.

With Norton Security Premium 2017, threats are spotted faster through the use of a large global civilian intelligence network. Ease of use is maintained as all devices are protected with an easy-to-use Web portal. Parents can let their kids explore the internet without worrying that they might infect their devices with viruses through the program’s premium family safety features. If they own a Windows PC and don’t want to risk losing their photos and important documents, they can set up automatic backups too. In addition, users will get 25GB of secure cloud storage for their computers.

A one-year subscription for Norton Security Premium 2017 costs $59.99.

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