This cool Notepad design concept could become a stand-alone app soon

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Notepad is the default text editor of Windows. Many people prefer to use Notepad over other fancy editors because it’s perfect for beginners.

However, we’ve been waiting for a modern Notepad design for years. Microsoft didn’t implement any major changes since the tool was first released years ago.

That is why a developer decided to develop his own modern fluent Notepad app for Windows 10. He thinks that Notepad++, Atom, and other similar editors and too heavy.

Notepads App preview

He wanted to implement a light-weight Notepad app that does not consume too much memory. Specifically, novice users can use it to edit text and config files on their system. He named it “Notepads”. The “s” basically refers to Sets.

Here’s another interesting light-weight Notepad app concept on Github you may want to check out.

According to Jackie, he developed and designed the app within a week. He decided to make it available as an open source application on GitHub.

The developer published several preview versions on GitHub by implementing features such as Find/Search, Word Wrap, Settings Page, Zooming, Text Replace, Tab Key Behavior Settings. Furthermore, “Notepads” app supports many file types.

This app also supports Dark Theme. 

Notepads App dark theme

The developer encouraged users to provide him with their feedback so as to further improve the application.

This is how Redditors responded

Many people appreciated the concept and encouraged the developer to go ahead with the design. However, some of them came up with their own questions and shared some opinions.

One Redditor asked if this Notepad can handle big files. The developer responded:

No, not for now. The app is intended to to lightweight editing anyway. I will investigate big file support later this year after I finish my planned features.

However, he plans to experiment with 500kb or 1MB files. Another user pointed out the fact that why the developer added word wrap in the context menu. The developer revealed that he plans to implement the idea. 

However, some people failed to install the beta package on their machines. They reported that the following error during the installation process: 

The package or bundle is not digitally signed or its signature is corrupted.

However, the developer confirmed that right now the new Notepad is only available on Windows 10 1809 and higher.

What do you think about this fluent design concept? Comment down below if you find it appealing.



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