Notepad Next updated with Windows 10 Mobile and Continuum support

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Notepad Next, a third-party UWP version of Windows Notepad, just received a new update. The update brought Windows 10 Mobile and Continuum support, a new dark mode, and other new features alongside improvements and bug fixes to Notepad Next for Windows 10.

Notepad Next was originally released on Windows 10 as a simple UWP replacement for Windows’ original Notepad software. This app features all the basic options of classic Notepad, including auto-saving notes, finding text, and much more.

It is now also available on Windows 10 Mobile, but as the developer of Notepad Next said, the app is “privacy-minded and not linked to the Cloud,” so your notes won’t be automatically synced between devices. Of course, if you want to access your documents from different devices, you can always upload it to a cloud service manually.

Another nice touch of the latest update for Notepad Next is support for dark mode. As the Anniversary Update approaches, dark mode is becoming more and more popular (some other apps also already support the dark mode), so it’s good to see Notepad Next keeping up with the trend.

And finally, if you own a Continuum-supported device, you can use Notepad Next just like any other Continuum-compatible app for Windows 10. Using this app in the Continuum mode will definitely improve the functionality and productivity of it even more.

Here’s the full changelog of the latest update of Notepad Next for Windows 10:

  • “New: Support for phones running Windows 10 Mobile, Continuum, and resizing the interface
  • New: Support for dark mode
  • New: Option to display using a fixed-width font
  • Fixed: Minor layout issues”

This could be a very handy app even if it isn’t developed by Microsoft. However, with a wave of Project Centennial-created apps, we won’t be surprised if Microsoft also comes with its own UWP version of Notepad in the future.

You can download the updated version of Notepad Next for free from the Windows Store.



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