Notepad Gets Improved in Windows 10 Through KB3103470 Update File

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Microsoft has recently rolled out Windows 10 build 10565, and we’ve spotted quite a few problems. Now Microsoft has released another update for Windows 10 Insiders only which comes with a few improvements to Notepad.

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Microsoft has recently pushed out a patch to Windows members enrolled in the Insider Preview, identified as update file KB3103470. Although initially we didn’t know too many details regarding it, it’s now been clarified by Microsoft that the updates are meant for the Notepad application.

We don’t see Notepad receiving too many updates, but it seems that the guys over at Microsoft believed now it’s time to release some updates for the old utility. Unfortunately, Microsoft didn’t go into details, so we don’t know officially what exactly has been changed. Microsoft only says that there are “improvements to enhance the functionality of Windows 10“.

You can download KB3103470 via the Windows Update process and you are invited to leave your comment below with your observations on this. According to some, the update is believed to be fixing the problem concerning calling notepad.exe from the command line. Furthermore, a spell checker has been added to Notepad, as it turns out.

Some other strange observations regarding KB3103470 is that the Start Menu is allegedly opening up and behaving much faster. What about you, what’s been changed for you since deploying this update?

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