NPR One Radio App Arrives to Windows 10

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It looks like radio apps are hitting the store these days, after TuneIn and Pandora ‘renewed’ their apps for Windows 10, National Public Radio (NPR) also presented its brand new app for this platform. NPR is a national public radio broadcaster in the US, and it has member stations throughout the whole country.

NPR’s app goes by the name of NPR One, and it is available for Windows 10 PCs, but it still has to come to Windows 10 Mobile devices. Just like a lot of other apps from big companies, NPR app was also available for Windows 8.1, but it debuted on Windows 10 just now. It offers better big screen experience, Cortana support, and more.

“When we released the Windows app, we had an unanticipated spike in iOS and Android downloads, as well” said Ben Schein, Product Manager at NPR. “Seventy percent of NPR listeners use Windows devices, and we’ve seen a 50-percent increase in their listening time just since Windows 10 came out. And that was before we upgraded our app.”

NPR One for Windows 10 Features

The app uses Windows 10’s background audio tasks, which allows you play your audio even if the main app is closed. Developers also assure users that the music still plays when the app is minimized. You would say that this is a completely normal thing, and it doesn’t need to be noted, but if you remember some similar music apps struggled with playing audio when minimized. Luckily, NPR One Windows 10 app doesn’t have a problem with that.

Integration with Cortana has become a standard for all newly developed Windows 10 apps, but developers of NPR One did especially good job when designed the app to work with Windows 10’s personal assistant. You can use Cortana to control audio playback, and mark some of the previous stories as favorites. There are also some basic commands you can use to control the app with Cortana, like “Play,” “Pause,” “Skip,” etc.

Also have a look at some other ways on how you can listen to internet radio in Windows 10. You can download NPR One app for your Windows 10 device from the Store, for free.


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