NuAns NEO will soon get a new Windows 10 Mobile design

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Last month, the Japanese manufacturer NuAns failed to bring its NEO Windows 10 Mobile terminal to customers in other countries outside Japan. As it seems, their Kickstarter campaign had failed, only earning around 20% of its target in 45 days.

However, after the end of the campaign, NuAns declared that this was not the end of their efforts to bring NEO to the rest of the world. The company apologized for the long wait and bad communication, and said that the battle had just begun. As it seems, NuAns wants to immediately start an analysis of the campaign in order to find out why it didn’t work. Besides, the company is planning to create a new strategy as soon as possible.

Recent comments on NuAns’ Kickstarter page suggest that the company is planning to release an updated version of NEO in the near future.

We are planning a re-launch with an updated version of the NuAns NEO. We took everyones concerns and comments from our first crowdfunding campaign and are working on upgrades and improvements before launching another campaign.

The first NEO version wasn’t actually a full flagship device. It only had a 1280×720 screen and it ran on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 SOC. However, it did include a Type-C USB port and support for Continuum. What made the device stand out was the fact that it let you customize both top and bottom covers with 64 combinations.

We’ll just have to wait and see how this story unfolds and what news NuAns will bring through their monthly newsletter. Most likely, the company will revamp the phone.



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