NuAns Neo and VAIO Phone Biz get Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update

Costea Lestoc By: Costea Lestoc
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It seems that VAIO and Trinity were quite slow  releasing the Anniversary Update to their Phone Biz and NuAns Neo devices. Both companies suggested the delay was due to a Continuum bug that had to be fixed first. Well, it seems that these issues have been fixed and according to Windows Forest, the update is now available for both devices.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any information about the HP Elite x3 update, but since other manufacturers are already updating their handsets, we are pretty sure that in a short period of time we will see HP releasing this update for its handset.

The Anniversary Update that was just released for VAIO Phone Biz and NuAns NEO has now reached the build version 10.0.14393.189. In other words, this is not the RTM build, which means these two devices received an extra cumulative update in order to fix some issues found in the RTM build.

You can check if the update is available for your VAIO Phone Biz and NuAns NEO by heading to the device’s Settings > Update & Security > Phone Update and tapping on the “Check for Updates” option.

Once you do this, the update should start downloading, which is why we suggest you connect to a Wi-Fi network before installing the new build.

It appears that VAIO Phone Biz and NuAns NEO have been luckier than HP Elite x3, as this terminal is still quietly waiting to receive the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Have you upgraded your VAIO Phone Biz or NuAns NEO to the Anniversary Update? Tell us your thoughts about it!



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