New Nvidia drivers bring crashes and black screen on Gears 5

Vlad Turiceanu
by Vlad Turiceanu
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nvidia drivers break Gears 5

If you’re a gamer, now is the best time to enjoy amazing graphics, immersive gameplay, and exciting titles.

That’s the case with the new Gears 5 which is on its way of becoming a huge hit. Despite that, the game suffers from a lot of bugs and issues, and also multiplayer and ranking problems.

Gears 5 has graphics card driver problems, again

If that wasn’t enough, it seems like a new problem has surfaced up. A lot of Gears 5 players are complaining about the fact that the latest Nvidia graphics card driver crashes the game:

The new sept 10 driver makes gears of my 1080 ti not work completely like it won’t display anything and crashes and turn gives a black screen

The issue has been reporter for a lot of users that have 1080 graphics cards, but also 1050.

This is not the first time when Gears has problems with Nvidia graphics cards. The same issue was present on Gears 4 as well, and it got fixed after a very long time.

Gamers are now concerned that the same thing will happen with Gears 5.

What can I do if Gears 5 crashes because of Nvidia’s latest drivers?

If you’re in the same boat and experience crashes and bugs in Gears 5 with Nvidia‘s latest set of drivers, the only solution is to uninstall the newly updated drivers and install the old ones instead.

If you want to know how you can uninstall Nvidia drivers safely, check out this step-by-step guide.

Using Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU), you’ll make sure that you completely uninstall it. Take a look at this article to learn more about DDU.

After uninstalling the new driver, install the previous version that you had on your Windows 10 PC and the problem should be solved.

Now back to you: did you encountered any issues in Gears 5 with Nvidia’s latest drivers?

Leave your answer in the comments section below and we’ll continue the talk.