Nvidia’s GeForce Now latest upgrade to improve latency in gaming

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • Nvidia is set to launch new low-latency gaming pods in the cloud before the end of the year.
  • This launch is expected to revolutionize gaming as rarely do machines get access to the cloud with GPUs.
  • The move is expected to improve latency in gaming.

Nvidia is set to launch low-latency RTX 3080 gaming pods in the cloud later on in the year. Users will be able to stream PC games on both Microsoft Store and Epic Games Store on a wide range of devices.

Earlier on, Nvidia had released a driver that would support more than 100 games on Windows 11. This news is a very rare moment in the gaming industry as it is unusual and quite rare to get access to machines in the cloud with the latest GPUs.

10 years in the making

This revolutionary moment did not just happen as ten years in the making, GeForce has combined everything they have learned over the years about cloud gaming to put this together.

Pre Orders begin today but will be first offered to Priority members of GeForce Now in the US and Europe and the existing founders. The membership will be for six months and can be purchased at $99.99.

High definition streams

Users will be able to stream up to 1440p resolution with 120fps on PCs and Macs. The Nvidia’s Shield TV will be at 4K HDR at 60fps and is limited to the Shield TV.

Elsewhere, Nvidia is equipping servers with eight-core AMD Threadripper CPUs, 28GB of DDR4 memory, and a Gen4 SSD that promises 35 teraflops of GPU performance. This is roughly three times the capability of Xbox Series X.

Improved latency

A lot of thought and effort has been put into this hardware, and Nvidia is hoping that it will improve the latency experienced by gamers.

On servers, Nvidia is using its Adaptive Sync technology to sync with your local display refresh rate. This will eliminate buffering between the CPU and GPU and greatly reduce stutter by removing repeated frames.

It would seem that this is a much-welcomed move judging from the reaction on Twitter.

The move will greatly improve latency levels. It is important to note latency will also depend on the proximity to Nvidia’s data centers.

Other upgrades

Aside from the cloud updates, Nvidia will also be rolling out a new GeForce Now client that will include beta support for the Edge browser. This, in turn, will allow Xbox users to stream PC games on their consoles via the browser.

You may recall earlier on, Xbox allowed users to stream on their PCs via their consoles.

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