Microsoft Office 16 Preview to Get Released Soon for Windows Desktop, Android & iOS to Follow

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Bill Gates is said to be working on the upcoming version of Microsoft Office, along with the Office team. Perhaps after Windows, the Office suite of products is the next most successful business for Microsoft. Here are some tidbits pertaining to the upcoming release of Office 16.
microsoft office 16 preview
Microsoft Office 16 is currently in the works, but its official release date hasn’t been made public so far. However, longtime Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet says that a preview version could be unveiled anytime soon for Windows desktop users. Some voices claim that Microsoft’s partners have already received early testing builds of Office 16, which means the official public preview build could be released anytime soon.

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Could Office 16 get launched in the same time as Windows 10?

As we were previously telling you, Microsoft could bring back Clippy in the next version of Microsoft Office, but most likely it will be totally different and will have more features. There is a big chance that Clippy could be somehow intertwined with Cortana and maybe they will make together a new personal assistant.

A dark theme could be introduced in Microsoft Office 16, as well, to make it easier to use at night, especially on Windows laptops and tablets. Here’s what Foley said about the upcoming release of Office 16 on other platforms, as well:

Microsoft is expected to roll out Office for Android tablets some time within the next couple of months. The company also is testing privately the next version of its Office desktop apps (codenamed “Office 16”) for Win32. A public test version of Office 16 could be released any time now, though the final version isn’t expected until the spring of 2015, sources say. The touch-first Windows Store/Metro-Style (“Universal”/WinRT) version of Office is rumored to be on track for spring 2015.

Are you anxious about the upcoming release? What are the features that you’d love to see available in Microsoft Office 16? Sound off by leaving your comment below.

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