Office 2013 update brings macro blocking ability like Office 2016

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When you receive a Microsoft Office document from someone, there is a big chance it will be opened in Protected View, which means the software recognizes the file as something you received from someone else and takes precaution to prevent damage in case that document turned out to be infected with any kind of malicious entity. While the Office suite allows you to edit documents placed into Protected View just like you would any other document, tampering with a corrupted file might negatively impact your machine.

This is the kind of security Microsoft provides for its Office suite, making sure that its users do not fall to every threat that comes knocking. Another protection measure they have taken is giving users the administrative power to block macros from being run in a document if said documents originate from an online source. This feature was made available in Microsoft’s 2016 edition of Office but unfortunately was absent from the 2013 version, making Office 2013 users feel quite a bit unappreciated.

Although it was absent from Office 2013, the feature that allows document administrators to block users from being able to run macros in documents has since been implemented, meaning that the 2013 version is now up to par with its successor, Office 2016. While some say that this is a bit too late and that it should have been done a lot sooner, others say that it’s better late than never and are happy that Microsoft is finally giving Office 2013 users the ability to block non-administrator users from running macros.

This feature works for several Office products, specifically PowerPoint, Excel and, of course, Word and can be enabled through Microsoft’s Administrative Templates for Office 2013, which can be downloaded here.



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