New Office 2016 Insider Preview build improves Excel and Skype for Business

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Microsoft just released a new build for Office 2016 Insider Preview. The new build didn’t bring any major new features, but it improved a few aspects of Excel and Skype for Business. The new release changed the version number to 16.0.6965.2051.

Here’s the complete changelog of the new Office 2016 Insider Preview build, posted on Microsoft’s Community forums:

  • “Improvements to Get & Transform: In Excel, it’s now easier to create a query using options from the new Online Services category, including connectors for SharePoint Online and Exchange.
  • Send messages anytime: If you use Skype for Business, you’ll no longer receive annoying “this message can’t be delivered” notifications when you send a message to someone who is offline.
  • More efficient online meetings: In Skype for Business, you can pre-load attachments when you set up online meeting in Outlook so that you can get started as soon as the participants join.”

This build should be available to all members of Office 2016 Insider Preview program. So, if you’re an Office 2016 Insider, just go to File -> Account -> Update Options -> Update Now, and the new build should install automatically.

Microsoft introduced the Office 2016 Insider program to collect required feedback from insiders, in order to make public releases better. Every new build for Office 2016 Insider Preview brings some new features that need to be tested, including AutoCAD support, integration with other services, and more.

If you’re still not an Office 2016 Insider, but you want to receive new features and updates before others, you can sign in for the program right now. To become an Office 2016 Insider, and find out more about Office 2016 Insider Preview, go to this page.

Tell us in the comments, what do you think about this release, and have you noticed any issues upon installing the new build already?



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