New Office 365 CLI v3 removes deprecated commands

by Don Sharpe
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  • Microsoft launched Office 365 CLI v3 in preview.
  • The CLI has a proposed new name: CLI for Microsoft 365. It gets rid of no-longer-supported CLI commands and options.
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Office 365 CLI version 3 preview

Microsoft launched Office 365 CLI v3 in preview. The new version gets rid of commands and options that are no longer useful.

Also, the next major release of the tool may get a new name: CLI for Microsoft 365.

Office 365 CLI removes deprecated commands

Developers can no longer use deprecated commands and options when building business solutions with the new Office 365 CLI.

In a tweet, the Office 365 CLI team also said that it released the preview to help developers to smoothly transition to the upcoming version 3.

It’s a preview release of the next major version, there are a number of breaking changes such as the proposed rename to ‘CLI for Microsoft 365’ & removing deprecated commands/options. We want to get it out early to help folks get ready for the transition from v2 to v3.

The Office 365 CLI release notes list multiple key changes, including removal of ID in the spo site command. Since the tool supports the automatic retrieval of the ID, so the command option is no longer useful.

Also gone is the accesstoken get alias, which Microsoft replaced with util accesstoken get.

Before the CLI, you could only use PowerShell on Windows to manage many of the Office 365 configurations. That shortcoming presented a problem to developers using non-windows platforms, such as Linux or macOS.

So Microsoft created the command line interface so you can build enterprise solutions for Office 365 and SharePoint, regardless of your preferred platform or OS.

In addition, the resource has received various enhancements recently, including support for the List App in Microsoft Teams.

Hopefully, the new version of the CLI streamlines things for Office 365 developers. However, Microsoft has not announced when it plans on releasing the CLI to general availability.

Have you downloaded the new CLI  for Microsoft 365 tool yet? As always, you share feedback on it or ask any questions in the comments section below.

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