Are Office apps the best Windows 10 S has to offer?

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After a lot of speculation and rumors, we finally know what Windows 10 S is. Pundits all over the world agree that Windows 10 S is Microsoft’s direct hit at Google, as Windows 10 S-powered devices are seen as Chromebooks’ competitors.

But, is this a legitimate claim, and what Windows 10 S has to offer compared to Chrome OS? Well, it’s hard to tell at this point, because we only have info about Windows 10 S based on Microsoft’s latest presentation, MicrosoftEDU.  We know that the OS is going to support apps from the Windows Store only. That’s why people already compare it with the infamous Windows RT. But this time, Microsoft added a few details, that could make a big difference.

Along with announcing that Windows 10 S will only support Windows 10 apps, Microsoft has also announced that the complete Microsoft Office is coming to the Store. Since Office is perhaps the number one choice for companies and schools, the fact that it’s natively available on Windows 10 S devices gives them a big advantage over Chrome OS.

Chrome OS is currently the favorite of teachers and educators. However, it can only run web versions of Office apps. Which isn’t so practical, in all honesty. On top of that, Microsoft promised that its official partner OEMs will sell Windows 10 S devices for as low as $189.

Taking all that into account, even though the license for the full-fledged Office package is still required, Windows 10 S devices look like a better buy at this point. Simply because they offer a more important thing for educational purposes in a more natural environment.

Additionally, since Windows 10 S only runs Windows Store apps, which are verified by Microsoft, we can say it’s a perfectly safe option for educators. And that plays a part, as well.

But what about users outside the educational market? Well for them, Windows 10 S doesn’t seem like a better option than regular Windows 10. Sure, you can upgrade Windows 10 S to Windows 10 Pro (even for free on some devices), but why getting into the hassle when you can get the ‘main’ product in first place? Buying Windows 10 S only seems logical for budget buyers, who would like to save a few bucks on buying (cheaper) Windows 10 hardware.

What do you think about Windows 10 S? Will it be a successor of Windows RT, or Microsoft is on the right path here? Let us know in the comments below!



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