Microsoft to integrate Office with Windows 10 in the future updates

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Windows 10 Anniversary Update is behind us. The second major update for Windows 10 caused a huge hype that lasted a few weeks upon its release, but as things in the IT world go at the speed of light, people have already started talking about future major updates.

You probably already know that next major updates for Windows 10 are called (for now) Redstone 2, and Redstone 3, but we still don’t know much about them. In fact, the only thing about these updates we know so far is that Microsoft will release them in 2017.

Although Microsoft have already started pushing Redstone 2 builds to Windows Insiders, the company still has to announce new features that will arrive with the third major update for Windows 10. Until a few days ago, we didn’t know anything about potential Redstone 2 features, but now, there’s at least some indication.

Windows Central’s Zac Bowden claims that he managed to find some early concepts of one of Redstone 2 or Redstone 3’s features. That feature is called an Office Hub, which will serve as a medium for better integration between Windows 10 and Office.

The Office Hub should give eligible users easier access to their Office files and documents. It would serve as a revamped version of OneDrive or SharePoit, available right from the user interface. So, users will be able to edit their documents, check their emails, and more from one window.

There are two possible places for the Office Hub in future versions of Windows. It could be integrated with Cortana, and accessible from the virtual assistant’s window, but it might also have its own icon in the taskbar. If Microsoft decides to place the Office Hub icon in the taskbar, it would open in a Cortana-like UI, that most of users are already familiar with.

office hub windows 10

That’s not all, as Microsoft is looking for more ways to integrate Office with other features of Windows 10, like the Action Center, Microsoft Edge, and Cortana itself.

Once again, none of this is confirmed by Microsoft yet. These are just the earliest concepts of the alleged future Office integration with Windows 10. So, we don’t know when these features will arrive (Redstone 2 or Redstone 3), and if Microsoft will change anything. However, since the next major update for Windows 10 is still far, changes are very likely to happen.

Tell us in the comments, what do you think about Office integration with Windows 10, and do you find it useful?



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