New Android app merges your favorite Office applications 

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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Are you looking to quickly create documents such as PDFs or Excel spreadsheets with your phone camera? You may be able to do that now from one place—the Microsoft Office Mobile app that has just become available to all Android users, according to AndroidPolice.

Microsoft released a public preview version of the all-in-one Office app for android in November last year. The solution merges multiple Office applications into one, enabling you to accomplish more with your documents within less time.

Not only does it combine Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, but it also integrates Sticky Notes. This way, you can quickly create and save notes for future reference without leaving the Office mobile app.

The app is optimized for mobile

Standalone apps can eat into your efficiency in the workplace. Fortunately, a single point of entry into the Office ecosystem helps to maximize your productivity.

But the new all-in-one Office app is not just about bundling applications together. Microsoft has optimized it for mobile to suit the way you use your smartphone too.

When the software giant announced the availability of the app for public review last year, it said that it represented the company’s vision for a “productivity solution” built for mobile applications.

In designing this new experience, we first considered how people’s expectations differ when using a phone versus a computer, so we set out to optimize for simplicity, efficiency, and common mobile needs.

One of its notable features gives you the ability to take a picture with your phone camera and convert it into a PDF document. Also, the app lets you scan and access QR-coded files or links.

Still, PowerPoint accesses your photo gallery so you can quickly create powerful presentations. With Office Lens incorporated into the app, the creation of high-quality whiteboard images is a breeze.

If your employees can tap into the Microsoft Office ecosystem on the go, they can take advantage of the centralized access to it to boost their productivity.

Microsoft started bringing some important MS Office tools, including Word, Excel, and Outlook, to Android users a while back, thanks to a partnership with Samsung. Through Android-OneDrive integration, users could conveniently transfer files between their Samsung devices and Microsoft’s cloud.

Meanwhile, tablet and Chromebook users have to wait before the new Office app is available to them.

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