November 2018 Office updates: Here’s what’s new

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Updates for Office are ready to be installed

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Welcome to the exciting world of November 2018 non-security updates from Microsoft. Please note that these are not security updates.

There is very little likelihood that you will need to download any of them and no need at all to download them if you are using “click-to-run” Office editions such as Microsoft Office 365.

We’ll list all these updates below. For more information, you can simply click on the corresponding KB articles and you’ll be directed to Microsoft’s support page.

List of Office updates rolled out this month

Office 2010

This update makes some changes for the Japanese calendar in Office 2010:

Office 2013

This update makes some changes for the Japanese calendar in Office 2013:

Office 2016

This update fixes tabbing order issues on a new email message and a new appointment for users that are running Outlook 2016 without an email account configured in multiple languages.

  • Update for Microsoft Office 2016 Language Interface Pack (KB4461475)

This update fixes the following issues:

  1. The custom dictionary cannot be set through Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). The macro command runs, but the default dictionary is not changed.
  2. When you save a file that contains an embedded .emf file as a PDF file, a few lines in the .emf file may be displayed incorrectly in the PDF file.
  3. Assume that a macro enabled file is added to a SharePoint document library that contains a lookup field. When you open the macro enabled file and go to File->Infor->Show Details, the Show Details button doesn’t work and the lookup field can’t be updated.

This update makes some changes for the Japanese calendar in Office 2016 

This update fixes the following issues:
  1. When you save a .ppt file that contains a macro as a .pptm file by using the Presentation.SaveAs method, the generated .pptm file may not contain the macro.
  2. If you have an Information Rights Management (IRM) encrypted PowerPoint template, you won’t be able to create a new .pptx file by double-clicking the preview thumbnail of the IRM encrypted template on the Backstage View. You can preview the IRM encrypted template either.
  • Update for Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 (KB4461502)
This update fixes the following issue:
When a SharePoint list is imported for multiple times in a single Visio document, trying to refresh the SharePoint list can fail in Visio 2016.

If you think you need any of these non-security updates, click on the KB link and you will be taken to the relevant page with the instructions for downloading and installing.

Remember that non-security updates are released on the first Tuesday of each month. Security updates are released on the second Tuesday of the month, which is the 13th.



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