OneDrive Gets New Photo Management Features

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Microsoft’s OneDrive is a great way to store, manage and share your files online, and access them on any Microsoft device you own. Some time ago, Microsoft introduced a lot of new features and improvements of OneDrive, mostly related to stored photos, and the way users share and manage them.
Saving our photos on a cloud drive became the most popular and the safest way to store our pictures, and Microsoft’s OneDrive is definitely a great choice for that. Since all of us tend to take photos from different devices, organizing all of them could be difficult sometimes.

But Microsoft tends to solve our problem, because we’ll be able to import photos from all devices running on Windows operating system, such as phones, tablets or PCs. You’ll even be able to import photos from a non-Windows device, but you’ll have to connect it with your PC first, and then import your photos to OneDrive.  You’ll be also able to save photos and attachments from your Outlook inbox, because Microsoft introduced a feature called “Save to OneDrive.”

Microsoft also introduced the new way to view, manage and share photos with the new feature called Albums. With Albums you’ll be able to easily view and manage your stored photos, because it provides a beautiful collage layout, which is easy for using. Albums feature is different than previous folders, as it gives users the ability to bring pictures from anywhere in OneDrive.

The thing we often talk about is Microsoft’s tendency to unite all its platforms, and it’s even present here. Because the view of photos is same on your desktop, mobile browsers and mobile apps.

Another addition is the improved search mechanism, powered by Bing, of course. Which provides you with the ability to search files on your OneDrive based on time, location, name and even manually created tags.

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