OneClip might return to Windows 10 with the Redstone 2 update

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The next major update for Windows 10, aka the Redstone 2 update, is still a mystery for the majority users. Although Microsoft has started releasing Redstone 2 Preview builds to Windows Insiders, none of them contained a single new feature, which is normal, since the update is still in its earliest testing phase.

However, some indications about upcoming productivity features in Windows 10 recently surfaced. We know (or at least assume) that Microsoft prepares the Office Hub for Windows 10, a feature that will allow full integration between Office and the system. But that’s not all, as another feature is very likely to appear in Windows 10 in the future, and boost productivity of the system even more.

That feature is our old, and almost forgotten friend, OneClip! Microsoft ‘presented’ OneClip more than a year ago, as a handful, multi-platform clipboard app, that synchronizes users’ clipboards on a high variety of device. The app worked on a”copy once, paste everywhere” principle, which was quite simple. You just copy a piece of text, an image, or something else on one device, and it shows up on another synced device shortly after.

To create a common clipboard for all synced devices, you just needed to log in to your OneClip account on every device. Once you’re logged in, every time you copy something, it is automatically transferred to OneClip’s common clipboard, and accessible on every connected device. OneClip worked on Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Android, and iOS.

Redmond never actually released this app to public, as it was only available for internal testing. However, the app leaked online, and it was available to all users for download from external servers. Shortly after OneClip leaked, Microsoft decided to shut it down completely, and forbid access to the app to everyone outside the company.

OneClip to become integrated in Windows 10?

Sources close to Microsoft claim that the company plans to revive OneClip in some of the future versions of Windows 10. Reportedly, OneClip won’t be released as a standalone app, but will be integrated with some of Microsoft’s services, like Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, and Office.

The new version of OneClip should be very similar to the previous one, in terms of functionality. That’s not a hard thing to predict, since the main purpose of this feature is pretty straightforward, it serves as a common clipboard for multiple synced devices.

However, OneClip could receive a few design changes, or even a complete rebranding. But that won’t be a surprise, as the feature is still in its early development phase. The main goal, however, remains, and that is increasing productivity in Windows 10. Imagine how easier it would be to just copy/paste content between devices, with just a few clicks.

We have to say once again, that this is the earliest concept of the OneClick feature of Windows 10. We still don’t know much about it, even its existence hasn’t been confirmed by Microsoft yet. So, if Microsoft says anything about OneClip in the future, we’ll make sure to let you know about it. For now, let’s hope that it will indeed happen.

What do you think about the return of OneClip to Windows 10? Will this feature help you boost your productivity in Windows 10? Tell us in the comments.



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