OneDrive app updated with offline file management

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You could assume that many OneDrive users were glad when Microsoft made the announcement of the placeholders returning to Windows 10. Now the company has rolled out the update for the universal app for OneDrive which further brings up more things.

Since the company decided to take away the placeholders from the desktop client in OneDrive, many Insiders and regular users have expressed their dissatisfaction about this. To be honest, placeholders were a really useful feature that let a part or all your data to be stored in the cloud, but available for viewing it, editing and sharing it independently. The main advantage here is the fact that it can download singular files for you instead of downloading the entire thing stored on the cloud and thus occupying valuable space on your computer.

At this year’s Ignite event, Microsoft announced more new features and improvements that they are going to bring to OneDrive, including the great comeback of the placeholders, which were renamed as “On Demand Sync” for desktop. This feature should become available on your machine starting somewhere in the beginning of 2017.

As it seems, the company is ready to bring back a feature similar to the universal OneDrive app. The latest update is version 17.15 and it offers a feature named “Offline”. This works quite in the same way as the placeholders, with the difference that the files which are stored offline can be accessed from the hamburger menu.

This update has already been rolled out to iOS and Android users for quite a while now, and it seems that the UWP works just like the Android and iOS counterparts. Offline lets you save a document offline (shockingly) so that you can work on the files even if you have no Internet connection. Moreover, if you’re using Windows 10 Mobile you should be happy to know that more features are coming for your handset.



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