OneDrive on the web now has photo editing features on the web

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • OneDrive has been long serving users with its all-in-one features.
  • Microsoft has now introduced photo editing features on the web to enhance its capabilities.
  • The feature has been long requested by users and now it's finally available.
You can now comment on your photos and files on OneDrive

If you are a photo lover, OneDrive just upped its game by adding new photo editing features that will make it a one-stop station.

With the newly added features, users don’t have to rely on other apps and can edit photos directly on One Drive.

The photo editing feature is one of the most requested features by users and today, Microsoft has honored the request as new capabilities are rolling out to OneDrive.

More capabilities

Although OneDrive is largely known for cloud storage, it turns out users would prefer more capabilities with the files stored.

The photo editing features are pretty basic at the moment but it is a start and are certainly more welcome. 

Users can crop, adjust and filter their photos but more is expected to come in the coming months that will allow them to do more.


The crop feature allows you to crop your photos manually or select from the already predetermined ratios. There is also an option to rotate your photos in different angles.

The adjustment feature allows you to edit the light and colors in your photo to make it more vibrant. Using the photo sliders, you can adjust the contrast, brightness, exposure, saturation, tint and more.

The crop and adjustment features are fairly new as roll out already began some time in June.

With filters, you can add artificial effects to your photo to create different moods and sceneries. If you do not like the edits made so far, you still have the option of overwriting the edits and reverting to the original photo or save it as a new file to retain the original.

If you accidentally select an unintended option, you can go to version history and recover the file.

More to come

If you thought those basic features are all Microsoft had in store you are in for a treat. The company is planning to bring the ability to annotate and markup photos soon.

The roll out of the expected features is unknown but users should hold their breath as it could be sooner rather than later.

Will you be using the photo editing features that have been released on OneDrive? Let us know in the comment section below.