Microsoft’s OneDrive Keeps Files Forever, if you Want it to

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Many users wonder what can happen to the files they saved in the cloud. As far as Microsoft is concerned, its OneDrive service can keep the files forever, if users want it.
The tech giant has confirmed that its cloud storage service will keep files forever or until users decide otherwise, TechRadar Pro informs.  When asked whether the files saved on OneDrive were saved forever, the OneDrive team offered the following answer:

“Yes. You’ll still be able to view, share, and download files, but you won’t be able to upload files until you buy more storage.”

In other words, if you have exceeded the storage limit, you need to buy more storage space in order to upload more files – but you will have unlimited access to the files you already saved. And if your subscription has expired your files won’t be deleted, you’ll still be able to access them, but you will have to renew the subscription if you want to upload other files.

This is a good piece of news since users do not have to relocated their files if they do not want to renew their Office 365 subscription. Their data won’t be lost.

Talking of Office 365, Microsoft has initially announced a 1TB storage limit for all Office 365 subscriptions. However, that limit has been changed to 10GB for individual files and 20,000 files for OneDrive Business users.

If files are kept forever in the cloud, many users want to know how safe the system is.  It is quite safe, although we all know no system is 100% threat free. Talking of security, a new security technology has recently been added to OneDrive known as Perfect Forward Secrecy. This technology makes it even harder for attackers to detect connection thus increasing the security level.

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