OneNote for Windows 10 Gets Documents and Whiteboards Scanning

by Ivan Jenic
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Microsoft is rolling out the new update for its OneNote app for Windows 10. The update is now available only for users of Windows 10 PCs and tablets, but it should also arrive on Windows 10 Mobile (and even Windows Phone 8.1) soon.

The new update will bring a couple of new features, including the ability to scan photos, documents and whiteboards. It will also remove the ‘zoom’ option in the settings for Windows 10 Mobile version of OneNote, once it gets released. Also, the update changes the version number of OneNote from 17.6366.43291 to 17.6568.15371.

Microsoft Merged OneNote and Office Lens?

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Maybe these new features that arrived to OneNote with the latest update look familiar to you. Well, these are the abilities of Office Lens, another Microsoft app. Microsoft introduced Office Lens last year as the tool for scanning documents and whiteboards, and now it looks like the company wants to integrate it with OneNote.

Office Lens worked great with OneNote, as you had an ability to include all your scanned documents into OneNote’s note. But, now that these features arrived to OneNote itself, you don’t even need to use Office Lens anymore. There’s still no official announcement that Microsoft will discontinue Office Lens, but using just one app to get the job done, instead of two separate ones, is indeed a lot easier.

However, it is still unlikely that Microsoft will discontinue Office Lens anytime soon, because there are still some Lens features that didn’t make it to OneNote, but this could mark the beginning of the process of integrating Office Lens with Microsoft OneNote.

The similar update for Windows 10 Mobile version of OneNote is also in the preparation, and although no release date was mentioned, we expect it to arrive very soon.

You can download OneNote for Windows 10/Windows 10 Mobile from the Windows Store, for free.

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