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Great news for users of the Microsoft powered app OneNote: It would seem that users active on Microsoft’s Fast Ring platform have spotted a couple of new additions to the list of already available features in the app. We will be going over them to see what OneNote holds for the not so distant future, and what users can expect from the service.

OneNote New Features

  • Users are now able to create passwords for sections of their notebook. This comes as a great addition because it adds an extra layer of protection to your OneNote notebooks.
  • The context menu will allow you to insert a new page, right under an already highlighted page.
  • Those that have a good time fiddling with shapes in OneNote can count on seeing new shape-related features and should keep an eye on the new shape gallery.
  • The context menu will allow users to save content from the platform, specifically files and images. This will add more flexibility to the platform and will give users more options as to how to manage their OneNote content.
  • Comes with a total of 8 new styles with a bullet style gallery available in the next update.
  • Paragraph handles also see some love thanks to new diamond shaped iterations.
  • The context menu comes with yet another new feature, this time allowing you to rename a group of sections. The option will be available in the aforementioned context menu.
  • If you’re tired of not having your notebook lists in order, you can now perform re-ordering through simple drag and drop.
  • Pretty much all table features will get an accessibility boost thanks to the new table tool menu which displays them all.

If you are a member of Microsoft’s Windows Insider Fast Ring or if you will become one, you will have immediate access to build 17.7830.10001 and all the above-mentioned features. There is no mention on when users can expect this build to drop or if all the currently implemented changes will remain this way until the build enters a “final” state.



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