OneShot issues: game crashes, fullscreen flickers, and more

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OneShot is a puzzle-adventure game where players guide a child through a mysterious world to restore its long-dead sun. However, this is not a simple mission. There are various obstacles you must overcome and you only have one shot to save the world.

And by obstacles, we also mean technical issues. Just like any newly launched game, OneShot is affected by a series of bugs that limit the gaming experience. The good news is that Team OneShot has created an official bug thread on Steam, allowing gamers to report all the bugs they’ve encountered while playing the game.

OneShot game bugs

1. OneShot crashes

A crash may occur near the end of the game seemingly connected to the use of Windows 7. Team OneShot has had a hard time correcting this bug despite their best efforts. The game developers are working on a fix. However, gamers also report that OneShot crashes at start up as well.

Had a friend whose game crashed on startup immediately, after a successful launch, the game refused to launch any further, gameplay was never started.

2. OneShot freezes for a couple of seconds

the game is awesome but sometimes, when i run with shift my computer seems to freeze for a second and the keep going after a second or two, i have windows 10

3. OneShot flickers on fulllscreen

I had an issue where the game would flicker when set to Full Screen on Windows 10. Turned out there are two ways to fix this;
I fixed it by turning down this option to 100%, seems like OneShot doesn’t like desktop scaling; The other fix is simply to have your screen resolution to native.

4. There is no game sound

Hi, my game have no sound, and when I go to the menu I can enter the “Notes” and “Travel” tabs but if I click in “Settings” nothing happen. Is this a known issue? Does it have a solution already? (My system OS is Win10). The game have sound with the monitor audio, but it doesnt with my headset.

If you’ve encountered other bugs than the ones listed above, go to this Steam bug thread to report them. The OneShot team regularly checks out the thread.



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