Your Onyx Four Pack MixPot is waiting for you in the Equipment Chest

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E3 Sea of Thieves prize is waiting for you in the Equipment Chest

If you’re a gamer and you like adventure games and pirate stories, then you definitely should check out Sea of Thieves. The game is available on Xbox One and Windows 10.

If you want to discover new lands, roam seamlessly, explore the world,  fight with other pirates and loot, then you’re a prime candidate to become a Pirate Legend.

With amazing graphics, character customizations, and world events, the game made a name for itself this year at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

One event that caught a lot of attention was Sea of Thieves: Mixer Invitational – Battle for LA:

Five crews. Four gilded Xboxes. OneArena. Rare has thrown down the gauntlet ahead of E3 2019, challenging four Mixer Partners and their crews to compete against a Rare crew in this special Battle for LA!

The event was streamed and besides the prizes for the participants, there were also some for those who watched the stream. But it seems like these stream prizes created some confusion between the players.

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Can’t find your Onyx Four Pack?

Some of them didn’t get the promised Onyx Four Pack, or so they thought. If you’re in the same boat and still didn’t claim your prize, you’ll be happy to know that Sea of Thieves officials cleared the mystery:

If you have earned the Onyx Four Pack  MixPot for watching the “Sea of Thieves: Mixer Invitational – Battle for LA” stream on Mixer during E3 2019, then you must discover this content in the game. Your 4 new items are waiting for you in the Equipment Chest. You should see an Onyx Bucket, Onyx Compass, Onyx Tankard, and Onyx Shovel.

So what are you waiting for? Go and get your prize right now! Arrrgh!

Don’t forget to tell us in the comments section below if you watched the stream and what’s your experience with Sea of Thieves.


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