Open Enclave SDK

open enclave SDK
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Open Enclave SDK is a software development kit used for bulking enclave applications in C and C++. The enclave applications have two components, an untrusted and trusted component, also known as the enclave.

Basically, the enclave is a protected memory region that provides security for data and code execution.

Open Enclave SDK: Here’s what you need to know

How to use Open Enclave SDK?

In order to use Open Enclave SDK, you need to install Ubuntu 18.04 with SGX hardware or Ubuntu 16.04 with an SGX hardware package. You can also use Ubuntu 18.04 or 16.04 in simulation mode.

Windows Release Package will be available soon, but you can still set up a virtual machine on a Windows PC with compatible hardware.

Open Enclave SDK also offers support for Open Portable TEE OS. In case you don’t know, OP-TEE is an operating system that runs on A-profile ARM systems that support ARM TrustZone. All the necessary packages are available on Open Enclave SDK’s GitHub page, so be sure to check it out.

What are the core features of Open Enclave SDK?

open enclave SDK code

Open Enclave SDK is universal, so it minimizes hardware and software specific concepts. This SDK is standardized, so it removes vendor-specific signing and verification requirements.

Of course, the entire system is open-source and available to use on multiple platforms. Open Enclave SDK also offers compatibility and easier enablement of redistributable applications.

Frequently asked questions regarding Open Enclave SDK

Can I use Open Enclave SDK on multiple platforms?

Yes, Open Enclave SDK is available on both Windows and Linux, so you can use it on both platforms without any issues.

How does Open Enclave SDK improve IoT security?

Open Enclave SDK uses a trusted component, also known as Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) or enclave. Thanks to this system, the enclaves can perform secure computations with ease.

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