Opera updated with Ad Blocking for Windows Phones

Costea Lestoc By: Costea Lestoc
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Earlier this year, Opera launched their browser aimed at blocking ads on Windows phones. Now, the developer is doing it again, continuing to offer customers a cleaner experience when browsing the web on devices running on Windows.

Monument Browser, the name of the app, is marketed as being a universal app. As such, it works great on PCs and mobile phones. Even with the new feature, many people don’t believe it’s going to be a huge success because there are already other, more popular browsers Windows 10 users have chosen. Unsurprisingly, the most popular browsers for this OS is Microsoft Edge, followed by Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

However, if on the PC the new Monument Browser encounters some rivals, on the mobile version it seems to be quite handy. While people are mainly using Microsoft Edge, there is a very small number of alternatives you can choose, so an extra browser is actually a good idea. Even more so, it offers the type of ad-blocking feature people are very keen on using these days.

It also includes background downloads, tab support, a picture-in-picture feature just like on a TV, plus a multi-window browsing experience. With all this, it might just have a chance of becoming a popular browser for mobile devices.

Monument Browser only works on Windows 10 devices, so you can’t use it on Windows Phone 8.o/8.1. You can download it for free from the Store and install it both on your PC and smartphone. If you want to test it first, it’s a good idea to just install it on your smartphone and see how it works.



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