Order and Chaos Online now Available With Xbox Live Integration, Still Absent on Windows Store

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Order and Chaos has recently received content updates and now offers Xbox Live Integration. Join thousands of players in this fantasy world, coordinate your team and become a true leader.
This multi-player game allows you to create your character and customize your hero as you like:

  • choose from 5 races available: Elves and Humans fight for Order, Orcs and Undead for Chaos, while Mendels remain neutral;
  • choose your gender, appearance, class and talent. You’ve got over 1,000 skills and 3,000 pieces of equipment to discover;
  • create up to 4 different characters to play.

Community is very important and you can interact with the other players:

  • make friends or enemies, trade, challenge, communicate and more.  Each player can interact in various manners with the others and become a living part of this epic universe;
  • join a party or guild to become stronger and coordinate with your teammates. You you can choose to adventure solo, interacting with other players peacefully or waging wars against them.

Here’s a list of the other game features:

  • ride into battle faster than ever on the awesome mounts, including Lions, Stags and Bears;
  • travel through majestic settings – explore dark forests and deserts, jungles, mountains and other environments  on foot or by magical means;
  • unlock 20 new achievements and win 200 Gamerscore points;
  • try the game and enjoy the first quests – levels 1-7 are free.

If you enjoy competition, you can enter the Player vs Player arena, spill the blood of your enemies and try to rank first in order to dominate the leader boards.

The game takes 1 GB of RAM and has a 1012 MB file size, meaning that you need more than four gigabytes to download it. You can download here from the official Order & Chaos webpage.

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