TidyTabs organizes your cluttered Windows desktop with a multi-tabbed view

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If you constantly find yourself in a maze of multiple open windows on your PC, TidyTabs has you covered. The application is a simple and neat solution to your desktop clutter woes, organizing too many windows into a multi-tabbed view.

TidyTabs is now in version 1.2 and the update adds a handful of improvements to the app. TidyTabs 1.2 includes tab auto-colorization to help users more quickly identify applications. The latest version also introduces fixes for handling virtual desktops on Windows 10 Anniversary Update and for an issue with Windows 7 that prevents users from grabbing a maximized window by its title bar.

How it works

TidyTabs works like a web browser that supports multiple tabs, breaking away from the norm of opening each tab in separate windows. But unlike existing web browsers, TidyTabs can combine multiple tabs even if they’re different applications into a single window. The ability to declutter the Windows desktop has been an inherent shortcoming of the Windows operating system that many users have long wanted to see changed.

Tabs appear in a semi-translucent display across the top of the integrated window. Then users will have to click on one, even if it belongs to a separate program, to pull it up into view. TidyTabs comes with free and premium versions: The free version lets users group up to three windows manually by dragging one window on top of another. The process can be a bit awkward at first but becomes easy later on.

The free version limits the ability to customize the tab’s appearance when it comes to transparency and preview size for a certain window. It’s also available for personal use only and doesn’t allow you to use the application at work.

The premium version sets you back $9 per computer to do more with TidyTabs. The Pro edition allows users to group windows by application and removes the limit of three tabs per window. It also lets users reorganize tabs, rename with a double-click and close tabs with a middle-click. Plus, there’s an option to control tab colors: none, custom or Windows theme.

So instead of clicking on the Task Bar to navigate the open windows on your desktop, you can just switch between tabs of diverse applications using TidyTabs. The tool is available to download for Windows 7 and later.

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