OSX ‘Hand-off’ feature coming to Windows 10 Redstone

by Radu Tyrsina
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One of the best Mac OSX features is coming to Windows 10 Redstone, and it is something we believe Microsoft should have done years ago. If you’re an OSX user who also owns an iPhone, then chances are you must have heard of a feature known as Hand-off.

The feature is all about allowing users to begin work on their smartphone and continue what they were doing on the computer. This is something that should work wonders for folks who are not interested in using Continuum, or just doesn’t own a supported Continuum device.

We know this is coming after the feature showed up in the settings of the latest build of Windows 10 Redstone, as reported on Reddit.

Windows 10 Redstone

According to the above description, the user’s phone should be able to prompt a PC that it is paired to via Bluetooth to launch related apps in order to continue to the experience on the desktop.

Just imagine watching a video via the app, myTube, but your battery is about to die. Just notify the PC and watch as it launches myTube for the desktop with the same video at the same point in time. The same could be done for emails or even Word documents to make the experience a lot better.

We understand that this feature is part of something greater called Project Rome. This little project would not only allow for Windows 10 Mobile devices to connect with the PC, but also iOS and Android smartphones as well.

Project Rome is basically an evolution of SmartGlass. Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of SmartGlass, so hopefully Microsoft can do a better job with Project Rome. The UI needs to be improved because what the software giant has done with SmartGlass in that regard is pretty much amateur work.

As for hands-off on OSX, we’ve heard of users complaining of bugs among other problems that make it a terrible experience. Because of this, Microsoft has the perfect opportunity to come out with all guns blazing.

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