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Dark modes in apps with black backgrounds and white text are all the rage these days. Windows 10 has a Dark Mode that you can toggle on or off. So, it’s about time had a similar Dark Mode. Now Microsoft has confirmed that it would not be too long before webmail users can select a dark theme.

Microsoft confirmed Outlook Web will get a dark theme in a UserVoice feedback forum. In that feedback forum, 1,023 users voted for a dark theme to be included in A new Dark Mode for Microsoft’s email software has had more votes than most suggestions in the UserVoice feedback forum. Philip at Outlook stated:

Thanks for your continual support of Outlook Web. We’ve actually been working on Dark Mode for a few months now and you can expect this in the product soon… Like you, we eagerly await the day this is finally available to the public. I am elated to announce that that day is very soon.

Thus, Microsoft has all but confirmed that a dark theme option will appear in the Outlook web app. The company showed off a temporary dark theme preview for last year with Halloween theme. Since then, Microsoft has modified the dark theme that is now nearing completion. will then join the growing number of MS apps that include dark themes. Movies & TV, Groove Music and Edge are three Windows 10 apps that already include Dark Mode options. Furthermore, a File Explorer dark theme is in Windows 10 build previews. Thus, File Explorer might also include a Dark Mode after the Redstone 5 update.

Aside from the requests for a Dark Mode, Microsoft has not had especially glowing feedback about the beta. Thousands of users voted that it was hard to tell between read and unread messages in the beta and that the app has a bad (overly cluttered) layout. One user stated: “I miss Hotmail. Simple, effective, you can see the emails, organize them, get to them. Same with your contacts that’s ALL that an email service is supposed to do, and all that we need it to do.

Microsoft has given Outlook webmail a makeover in 2018. The new dark theme will further enhance’s customization options. Microsoft did not make it entirely clear exactly when Dark Mode will become available in, but promises it will be “very soon.

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