Outlook email visibility issues affect users worldwide

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  • Outlook allows you to send and receive email messages, manage your calendar, store names and numbers of your contacts, and track your tasks.
  • The popular Microsoft software is now under scrutiny after users have indicated that issues with email performance have emerged.
  • A helpful workaround is to simply roll back the latest Outlook update, known to cause this, until Microsoft has dealt with this problem.
  • Some of the features that remained unaffected by this bug are Outlook Web Access (OWA) and access via phone client.
Microsoft Outlook email visibility issues

We all know how important it is for crucial information to reach its destination after we took the time to write and send it. Loss of such precious cargo can mean loss of ideas or benefits that would have resulted from it.

Microsoft announced that recent problems Outlook has been dealing with have compromised some of these emails and they are on top of the situation.

Empty emails due to issues with Outlook

Many users and corporations have found out that the software has a problem when they came across empty emails and missing information from messages that they previously sent. This issue affected desktop and 365 users at the same time.

Lots of IT administrators already confirmed rolling back the recent update that was downloaded for Outlook, in order to get rid of this headache. This proved to be an effective method of countering the problem until Microsoft takes action.

Here is what users had to say about this hiccup on Twitter:

@Outlook Lots of problems reported by clients who cannot read their emails, the body is missing, nor can they write a new since after hitting enter the line dissapears. An update would be Appreciated! Clients have different version of Outlook clients (2016 – 2019 – Office 365)

However, Outlook Web Access (OWA). as well as access through phone-based client were not affected by this system bug.

Microsoft’s response to the issue was fast

Microsoft also tweeted about the current threat within Outlook and assured everyone that they are working on fixing it.

We’re investigating an issue with email message visibility in Outlook. Outlook on the web appears to be unaffected. More details can be found under EX255650 in the admin center.

The good news is that Microsoft declared that they have identified the root cause and are working on a fix patch that will be available for all users, within a few hours. They also have some recommendations for us while we wait for this update.

We’re investigating available data to isolate the root cause. Users with access to alternate protocols like Outlook on the web or Outlook mobile can use those as a potential workaround in the interim. More details can be found under EX255650 in the admin center.

Keeping all threats in check is, as it sounds, a daunting task even for the biggest tech companies out there. All we can do is keep searching for the best way to do our jobs properly and keeping our sensitive data protected, at the same time.

Tell us if you encountered issues while sending and receiving emails through Microsoft Outlook, in the comments section below.

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