Outlook.com supports Facebook and Google Drive sharing

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Just when everybody thought Outlook.com was out of the equation, Microsoft keeps adding features to it to bring it back to the public’s attention. Microsoft has already integrated OneDrive support to Outlook, and also added Box and Dropbox compatibility earlier this year. The tech giant recently included Facebook and Google Drive sharing functions as well.

This means that if you have some files and documents stored on Google Drive, you are now able to share them directly in Outlook.com messages. You will just have to tap on the attachment icon, choose Google Drive from the list of options and sign in to your Google account. Then you can simply browse and choose what files you want to send. You can choose how you want to see the documents there: either as a list or as thumbnails.

This possibility was already included in iOS and Android apps for quite a while now, but now you can use it on the web version too. Moreover, you can now open any Sheets, Docs or Slides that you receive in Outlook and edit them in Google Drive. That is, of course, if you’ve been granted the permission to do so.

Outlook.com also lets you share photos from Facebook. The process is the same as above, you just have to click on the attachment icon and sign in to your Facebook account. Then you can browse and choose from “My photos” or “Photos of me”. This is great if you want to share some pictures on Facebook with friends or relatives who don’t use social media apps.

Also, Microsoft improved the way you look for attachments in long email threads. All you have to do is click on the attachment icon and select whichever item you want from the list that appears.



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