Outlook now tells you when all people are available for meetings

by Milan Stanojevic
Milan Stanojevic
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outlook meeting time location suggestions

Sometimes, scheduling a meeting is one of the most annoying tasks for most of us. To solve these time consuming tasks, Microsoft announced a series of exciting new features for Windows 10 users.

These features will Outlook on the web users a lot of time. The tool now suggests an appropriate time and location for the upcoming meetings. 

Email and calendar for Outlook got smarter

Meeting insights Outlook

     1. Meeting Insights

Outlook is going to use Microsoft Graph to help you in your meeting preparations by recommending relevant information.

The information might be available in public files on SharePoint or OneDrive, files that have been shared with you in an email, content shared during meetings, emails you’ve exchanged on the meeting topic, post-meeting content and meeting notes.

    2. Suggested reply with a meeting

Outlook will now offer the suggested reply feature as soon as it detects that both the people involved in a conversation intend to meet. Outlook will provide a suggested option to Schedule a meeting.

When one user clicks on the option, they will see a meeting form. It will help them to easily arrange the meetings as the information will be pre-populated.

   3. Smart time suggestions

Smart time suggestions is another unique feature that helps users to schedule a meeting. The available days and times will be suggested based on users’ schedule.

They don’t need to send an email to one other asking about the meeting time. Outlook will automatically suggest the best time for the meeting.

   4. Suggested locations

You must agree with the fact that setting a suitable location is an issue in itself. Outlook will solve this problem as well. The tool is going to suggest different options when you click on the location bar.

Additionally, Outlook will also provide location details such as business hours, address, and contact information.

It seems like Microsoft has big plans for Outlook this year. As a quick reminder, Outlook now supports dynamic emails for the AMP format.

Microsoft plans to roll out all of these features in the next few weeks.

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