We’re getting Outlook Text Predictions for Android and iOS in December

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  • Microsoft decided it was time to make typing emails from your phone easier.
  • From December 2021, Android and iOS versions of the app get a new feature.
  • Text Prediction will be available to us all, according to Microsoft 365 Roadmap.
  • This surely is great news for all of us that constantly use our phones for emails.
outlook text predictions

We haven’t been talking about Outlook in a while, and this time around we come bearing good news for all the Outlook users out there.

Even though the platform is used by millions, some are not happy about it since the platform lacks many features which are available in Gmail and other mailing accounts.

Typing out long emails on a smartphone can be painstakingly difficult at times which is why Microsoft is currently working on a new feature for Microsoft Outlook.

Outlook for Android and iOS is getting Text Predictions

In order to save users valuable time and eliminate the need to constantly type email credentials, the tech giant is planning to add text predictions to OutLook.

The Microsoft 365 Roadmap has this feature listed and apparently scheduled for launch next month, for iOS and Android devices.

Once the new feature is launched, it can be enabled by going into Accounts Settings and turning on the Text Predictions toggle.

Text Predictions are based on artificial intelligence which predicts text based on what users are typing. Through this, we would be able to save a lot of time, thus making the overall process faster.

This feature will also reduce spelling mistakes and grammar errors that will also save effort and time.

Outlook can suggest words and phrases as you compose messages. When Outlook offers a suggestion, swipe to accept it.

By launching this feature, Microsoft will compete with its rival Gmail which already offers the same feature named Smart Compose launched back in 2019.

Microsoft also rolled out an Outlook extension for the Google Chrome browser which allows users to carry on different tasks without switching tabs.

This new feature works on Outlook personal accounts, Outlook work accounts, as well as Hotmail accounts.

If you also want to get your hands on this Outlook extension, simply visit the Chrome Web Store and search for Microsoft Outlook.

The same kind of extension was also launched by Microsoft for their very own Edge browser in June this year.

Using the Outlook extension, one can access work or personal accounts, send and receive emails, get notifications, create events, view upcoming events, join online meetings, manage tasks and perform many other actions without switching to a new tab.

Excited about Microsoft’s new initiative? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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