New Outlook Spaces to help streamline your project organization

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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Are you an Outlook user who regularly struggles to track emails and to link them to the right tasks in your to-do list or event in your calendar? It can be frustrating, and it could slow the execution of urgent projects, be it in the office or at school.

That is just one of the many frustrations Microsoft is hoping to fix with “Spaces,” a new feature that may be coming to Outlook soon.

Spaces helps you to manage your projects better

Twitter user WalkingCat shared a video revealing Outlook Spaces and its features. The tool provides virtual areas into which you can pull together your emails, documents, and other mission-critical project items.

Microsoft Spaces makes a lot of sense to small businesses that utilize Outlook to organize their emails and calendar. With all the items you may need to track day-to-day, the ability to keep them all in one place is undoubtedly a welcome enhancement.

Spaces enables you to visually organize everything that matters, from scheduled meetings with clients to OneDrive files. That way, it is much easier to plan your project and put together all the necessary workflows.

There is even talk of Microsoft adding AI to Spaces at some point. That means the tool may be able to utilize machine learning to study and improve the way you organize your projects.

Microsoft created Outlook to help users organize their mail primarily. But it keeps adding powerful features to the tool to make it more relevant to changing user needs and work environments.

Without elaborating or giving details, the company has already hinted that it may soon integrate Teams with Outlook emails. But as Outlook gets more powerful, some users are wondering whether it will eventually stop being a predominantly email application.

Collaboration tools, such as Teams, keep catching on in the workplace, and they are changing the way people communicate in the office. They are increasingly enabling workers to engage with each other in real time via chat, rather than inboxes.

As collaborative software gradually phases out email correspondence in the workplace, it will be interesting to see how Outlook transforms in tandem with dynamic user needs, especially business communication requirements.

Microsoft is still working on Spaces, though, and it is not clear when the tool will launch.

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