Square releases patch to fix Outriders’ inventory bug

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  • An Outriders bug has erased item inventories for many players.
  • Square has rolled out a patch update to fix the inventory wipe bug in Outriders.
  • The patch update can cause inventory items to temporarily disappear for some players.
  • Players who have had their inventories wiped out by the bug will need to wait for a one-off mass restoration event to restore them.

Square released the Outriders RPG at the beginning of April 2021. However, many Outriders players reported an inventory wipe bug since the game’s release. Now Square Enix has released an Outriders patch to resolve the issue.

The inventory bug

The Outriders inventory bug has wiped out inventory items for many players. A plethora of players reported the erasure of their Outriders inventories on Reddit. Some players have lost tens of hours of inventory grinding. One player said this:

30 years gaming and never have I spent 50+ hours in a game to be wiped with nothing. Looks like I encountered the dreadful gear wipe bug.

To address the issue, Square has announced the release of a new Outriders patch. On a patch notes page, Square announced the patch as follows:

If your inventory has been impacted, please note that our efforts to restore your items are a separate process from today’s released patch. Restoring the inventory of affected players is still our highest priority, while today’s patch is intended to prevent the issue from continuing to occur.

How do I restore your wiped Outriders items?

Therefore, the patch update is intended to prevent further inventory wiping instead of restoring deleted items.

The developer has noted that the new Outriders patch can momentarily cause inventory items to become invisible (disappear). Thus, it might seem that the update wipes items for some players.

However, the developer has said items should reappear again when players restart the Outriders game after a few minutes. So, try restarting Outriders after the update if your items dissapear after the update.

If, however, your items are still missing after restarting Outriders, check out the Inventory Wipe Edge Case Reporting Thread on Steam. There players can report inventory wipe cases that arise after Outriders has been updated with the 15.04.2021 patch.

The developer has announced there will be an official one-off mass restoration event for players who lost their inventories before the patch update. A date for that restoration event has yet to be confirmed.

The Post Launch Dev News Update page provides further details about that event.

So, many players who have had their inventories wiped will still need to wait for the mass inventory restoration event.

As it is a one-off event, make sure you do not miss it if you are among the players who want their lost inventories back in Outriders.

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