6 common Outward game bugs you should be aware of

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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Common Outward game bugs

Don’t you love a good RPG game? How about one that has survival elements, the fight being taken not only against your regular enemies but elements itself.

Here we have Outward: The Adventurer Life Sim, and the title says it all.

Where the survival genre merges into role playing. Explore the vast realm of Aurai, but watch out for that health bar, high aventure garners high risk.

The game features a split screen option, to play with any of your friends, in a world which you define. This open world RPG encourages you to live with your own actions, in a world that is constantly saving as you progress through it.

Your build your skills, and your wits, the world is your oyster when it comes to possibilities.

Now that we’ve discussed the key aspects of the game, let’s talk about the bugs that players have reported.

As we well know, no launch is perfect, and numerous users have mentioned what works, and especially what doesn’t on numerous Steam threads.

Common Outward bugs so far

  1. Game crashing
  2. Split screen not working
  3. Display bug
  4. Frame drops
  5. Black screen
  6. No audio

Game crashing

There have been instances where users couldn’t play the game for a prolonged period of time and the game simply crashed to their desktop.

The game worked fine for about 20h of play and then started crashing every 10 min or so. It does not seem related to anything I do in game.

Split screen not working

When one of your game’s core feature is the split screen mode, you’d expect it to work. But some have reported that they can’t get into the game with their fellow players.

I am trying to play with 2 ppl in my PC: one with keyboard + mouse, second with usb controller. The usb is recognized by windows but, not in the game. When i try to map their buttons, nothing apears and i cant set anything so the game do not respond for the controller.

Display bug

Sometimes, the simplest of things become an issue, this time it being the display. There have been reports discussing the fact that the game stretches beyond the resolution that has been selected by in-game menu.

And playing in windowed mode doesn’t help too much.

After restarting, Outward’s window stretched itself across both of my displays and off the bottom of both, presumably to match the width it stretched itself to.

Frame drops

As we’ve mentioned before, no launch is perfect. And even Outward faces issues with frame-rate drops, or micro stuttering from time to time.

Game runs fine with no fps drops, but when turning the camera it just skips whole chunks, leaving me facing behind me when I wanted to turn a little left. Even on potato quality.

Black screen

The game is out for a little while, but people have been having issues with black screens when running the game.

The audio is present, but the image is just a black screen, we can’t leave adventure to the imagination like that.

I entered my home and the screen was all black.

I could still press pause and hear my character moving around.

No audio

Whenever we’re playing a game, we’re expecting a soundtrack to match the action. But what happens when there’s no audio? Some players have reported this issue.

I have no audio at all not in the menu or in game I have messed with the audio settings noting, I have uninstalled and installed but still noting.

We’d like to know what others bugs have your encountered while playing Outward. Let us know in the comment section down below.


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