An early Overwatch 2 dev build appeared on BattleNet

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  • All Overwatch players are excited about the game's sequel and are impatient to play it.
  • However, no new important details have surfaced about Overwatch 2 until earlier today.
  • A new dev build has appeared on BattleNet, leaving many to wonder if it comes out this year.
  • The situation is a bit more complicated than that, but Blizzard voices say it's not impossible. 
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If you were wondering what changed in the development of Overwatch 2, or if there are any new details involving the upcoming title, you came to the right place.

It will still be some time until it will be officially released, but die-hard fans have spotted a new Overwatch 2 build that showed up on BattleNet recently.

No one knows exactly what developers plan to do with this sequel, but the pieces are already in motion and a lot of surprises are surely on their way.

New build hints at an realier release for Overwatch 2

If you haven’t been keeping up with what happened at Blizzard lately, involving Overwatch 2 of course, we’re here to shed some light on recent events.

Apparently, there is supposed to be some major Overwatch news coming in the third week of February, according to Mike Ybarra, who is the new Blizzard boss.

This allegedly comes after a meeting Blizzard held late last year with content creators who are still under NDAs, which got them all extremely excited, believing that this is going to be the year of Overwatch.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that Overwatch League, which will start in April, is supposedly going to be played on some kind of early build of Overwatch 2.

Judging from Aaron Keller’s (Overwatch game director) comments, it still remains unclear if every current game hero will even be playable in this build, as many of them are being reworked for the sequel.

However, he also strongly hinted that new heroes will be playable, which confused Overwatch fans even more.

Developers said that the sequel won’t come out this year, and a previous Activision investor call mentioned they were projecting less revenue for 2022 due to Overwatch 2 being delayed.

However, voices behind the scenes have been strongly emphasizing that there is no official confirmation Overwatch 2 won’t be out in 2022.

But, if there’s one thing we’ve all learned throughout the years while dealing with Blizzard, is that launch dates for this company are more like guidelines.

This is most likely the biggest official hint we’re going to get after we’ve had a load of rumors that both support and predate this.

Now that this build has officially appeared on BattleNet, players hope that they won’t have to wait until 2023 for the sequel to their favorite co-op shooter.

Many, however, think that the game is dead and a sequel won’t be able to revive it. It remains to be seen what Blizzard will do with Overwatch 2.

When do you think the company will officially release the game? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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