Overwatch 2’s Mei is temporarily disabled due to a recent bug

by Claire Moraa
Claire Moraa
Claire Moraa
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  • Overwatch 2 users will have to do without a major character for the next few days as Blizzard attempts a fix.
  • This is not the first time that Blizzard disabled a character from its game due to bugs or technical issues.

Mei is one of the most popular characters in Blizzard’s hit Overwatch 2 with her Ice wall abilities. Well, if you have been enjoying her prowess, you’ll have to wait for at least a fortnight until you can use her again.

Blizzard has made the move to disable Mei in Overwatch as it appears her abilities have been infected by a bug. The first-person shooter game is a popular one so her presence will be missed.

Goodbye Mei, but only for a while

Mei’s primary attack is her freeze gun, which can immobilize enemies in a block of ice that damages them over time. Her secondary attack is an icicle barrage, which damages all enemies in its path and knocks back any targets caught in it.

The bug is apparently related to the character’s Ice Wall ability, which allowed heroes to reach unintended locations. Players noted that Mei was missing and took to various forums to find out why the character was in absentia.

The team at Blizzard noted the discrepancies and moved to disable the character. Gamers will now have to wait till November 15 when Blizzard has announced she will be back. This will be as they release the upcoming patch.

Users don’t seem to be elated about the news as one Twitter user responded to the announcement Terrible day for annoying people.

With Mei missing in action, there are still some worthy characters that you can use to keep things interesting. Some of these characters include:

  • Doomfist – He has several abilities, including Rocket Punch which allows him to charge forward and knock enemies into the air. His primary weapon is Hand Cannon, which fires fast but does not deal much damage.
  • Sombra – Sombra is another popular character in Overwatch 2. She can hack enemy health packs, making them unusable for anyone else but her. Her Hack ability disables enemy abilities for a short time, which makes it harder for them to fight back against her team. 

Hopefully, the bug is minor, and Blizzard will have it fixed in no time. In the meantime, you can check out some of the best VPNs for Overwatch to improve gameplay.

Let us know how you have adjusted to Mei’s absence in the comments section below.

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