Paint.NET is making its way to Windows Store customers

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The story of Paint.NET is an interesting one. At its core, the application is a visual editing tool. Throughout its 10-year life span, though, it has developed into so much more than that. When it was first released, Paint.NET was intended to be an enhanced version of the classic Paint app which came preloaded with most versions of Windows.  However, that’s no longer the case as Paint.NET has transformed into a fully fledged image editor that rivals even the most established applications in the branch such as Photoshop. It is truly an option worthy of consideration even for professionals that want to edit images.

It’s coming to the Windows Store

Even though it might seem late for its own party, Paint.NET is finally coming to the Windows Store. Those that want to get it from the Windows Store will be able to do so in the near future but for those that are impatient, the app is available right now on the developer’s website. Those that aren’t looking forward to waiting until it makes an appearance on the Windows Store can get it right away from

Straight from the top

The confirmation that Paint.NET is making its way to the Windows Store came directly from the app’s developer, Rick Brewster. He responded to a fan by saying that he’s going to make it a priority to bring the app to Windows Store. That is, of course, after he pushes the new 4.0.17 update through.

The fan in question asked if the app would be making an appearance on the Windows Store anytime soon. Here’s the direct quote from Rick Brewster:

It’s at the top of my list. I’m going to release a 4.0.17 update and then focus just on pushing to Windows Store.

New update on the way

As mentioned, the app will be also getting a new update which is always great news. Paint.NET hasn’t gotten an update since April in the form of patch 4.0.16. Right now, people are very interested in when this new update is going to come out. That’s not necessarily because of the update itself, but because the release of the app on the Windows Store depends completely on how soon the new update will be launched.

The good news is that both these releases are marked as “near future” appointments, meaning that it shouldn’t be that long before more news pops up regarding the availability of Paint.NET on the Windows Store. All that’s left now is to wait until the developer makes an official announcement.



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