Panorama mode now available on all Windows 10 Mobile devices

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Panorama is a popular photo mode used by many phone owners across many platforms. Microsoft has been testing this photo mode on the Windows Camera app for several weeks now and a few days ago, it finally rolled this feature out to Windows Insiders on the Release Preview ring.

Microsoft has already released a new update for the Windows Camera app that introducee the new Panorama Mode. In other words, if you want to test out this new feature, you can already do it without being enrolled in the Windows Insider program.

In order to use Panorama Mode on your Windows 10 Mobile device, open the Windows Camera Application, tap on the “Panorama” icon, and you will notice that you can start taking panorama pictures without any problems.

If you have never used the panorama mode before, then you should know that this is a wide-angle view of a physical space. In other words, this photo mode on mobile devices is actually “gluing” photos together in order to make a single wide-angle photo.

As we told you above, you can already test the Panorama Mode on your Windows 10 Mobile device but first, you’ll need to make sure that you run the latest Windows Camera Application. Once you update the Windows Camera app to the latest version, launch it, search for Panorama Mode and start creating panoramic pictures.

What are your thoughts about the new Panorama Mode? Have you ever used it on an Android or iOS device? Will you use it on the Windows Camera app?



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