Password Managers fail to protect your master password properly

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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password manager security breach

Real shocking news circulating these days is that some most frequently used and authentic Password Managers such as 1Password, KeePass, LastPass, RoboForm and Dashlane for Windows 10 contain some flaws related to the security of passwords. Major flaws have been even detected in the Master Password that secures all the other passwords.

These security flaws were detected by the security researchers of The Missing Link in Australia and the Canonical team. They found that these Password Managers leak the passwords in computer’s memory even when these apps or sites are locked.

Hackers can easily access your master password

password manager security issues

The ‘lock’ button on password manager is broken _some more severely than others,” said lead researcher Adrin Bednareh.

The discovery of these bugs badly influenced the reputation of the most popular Password Managers. However, LastPass and RoboForm claimed that they are working to fix the issue. But these security vulnerabilities left many doubts and questions behind.

Users have serious concerns related to privacy of their accounts because once the cybercriminals get access to your password they will easily get your sensitive information and they can also sell your accounts to other criminals.

The research added an additional point for the security of your account: The user must exit the software entirely in order to clear sensitive information from memory.

For unacquainted, Password Managers assign unique and strong passwords to different websites and store your passwords in an encrypted database. All the passwords stored in the Password Manager are secured by a Master Password.

Why should I use a password manager?

Password Managers are beneficial to generate strong passwords and cutting down the level of malware threats that can be caused by weak passwords. They generate strong passwords comprising the combination of letters and numbers. Above all, they store those complex passwords for you as well.

This is useful when you cannot assign a difficult password to each site or even if you create a strong password for every website you could only remember it for few seconds, after that you are blank!

More than twenty-four Password Managers are currently available in the market. Zoho Vault, Keeper Password Manager, Dashlane and LastPass premium are just a few of them.

Although this piece of news is really worrisome when it comes to the security of your sensitive data, would you stop using these Password Managers? What do you think about it? Why not let us know in the comments below?