Patch Tuesday November 2017 focuses on Microsoft Office

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patch tuesday microsoft office

The November Patch Tuesday edition is different from Microsoft‘ usual update release.

First of all, the company rolled out the major updates before the official Patch Tuesday event. Interestingly enough, Microsoft already pulled two of the new patches due to severe technical issues.

Second, all the updates released on the second Tuesday of the month aim at fixing Microsoft Office bugs. In other words, it seems that Office is the star of the November Patch Tuesday edition.

Without further ado, here is the complete list of updates.

Office 2016 Patch Tuesday updates

  • KB4011138: Fixed Outlook  freezes when opening an email that contains many images.
  • KB4011216: Fixed shadow effects issues and app crashes when using print.
  • KB4011223: Fixed match display language issues in Office.
  • KB4011224: Fixed display issue for certain DBCS symbols and characters.
  • KB4011226: Fixed the issue where when you dock or undock an external monitor, Outlook 2016 flashes white.
  • KB4011259: Fixed Invalid Argument errors when using ActiveX Data Objects (ADODB) to connect to SharePoint lists in some Office 2016 applications.
  • KB4011145: Improved translations of Compress Media (German), and Private Appointment (Swedish); improved translations for the Cloud File Options interface in all languages.
  • KB4011137:  This update lets you enable pages to read-only in OneNote Class Notebook.
  • KB4011240: This update brings a series of improvements and bug fixed to Outlook 2017.
  • KB4011219: Fixed PowerPoint 2016 crashes when copying from an IRM protected document in another Office app.
  • KB4011227: This update patches a series of issues, including save bugs and freezes.
  • KB4011238: This update fixed a long list of Skype for Business 2016 bugs, including user information errors, bugs that prevented users from joining a meeting, and more.

Office 2013 Patch Tuesday updates

  • KB3172533: Fixed the issue where Office 2013 crashes when you connect an Office 2013 application to a SharePoint site and then open a document from the site.
  • KB4011228: This update fixes the issue where decimal values are truncated
  • KB4011229: This patch fixes the issue where when you dock or undock an external monitor, Outlook 2013 flashes white.
  • KB4011075: Fixed the error message ‘That email address does not exist’ when you use the Move or Share function to share a notebook in OneNote 2013 on a work or school account.
  • KB4011252: This update fixed missing CSV file issues
  • KB4011168 : Fixed the issue where decimal values are truncated unexpectedly in a chart axis or data label.
  • KB4011235 : Fixed a series of MOD_DATE baseline issues.
  • KB3162081: Fixed decimal values issues
  • KB4011255: The update fixed a series of Skype for Business 2015 bugs that prevent the app from correctly displaying user information.

Office 2010 Patch Tuesday updates

  • KB4011188: The update fixed the issue where Office applications still first run registry key scanning instead of using Windows Defender for file scanning. After you install this update, Office applications will use Windows Defender to do the file scan.

Office 2007 Patch Tuesday updates

  • KB4011203: The update fixes the issue where Microsoft Office Publisher crashes when you edit a title bar in a newsletter in Office Publisher 2007, and then you deselect the title bar by clicking away from the text box.

Have you encountered any issues after downloading and installing the latest Office updates on your device? Use the comment section below to tell us more about your experience.


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