NVIDIA’s PC Gaming Revival Kit brings a huge update to your systems

by Radu Tyrsina
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There always comes a time, when every gaming enthusiasts falls back a little from the latest gaming trends and releases. It mainly happens because of a rugged and outdated system that they currently have in possession. To encourage such unfortunate users step back to the gaming world, NVIDIA is offering a “PC Gaming Revival Kit”. The bundle is to breathe new life into your worn out systems and bring them up-to-par so tey can support the requirements of new releases.

Although, there is one unfortunate factor. You’d be missing out on the bundle unless you live in Chile. But it seems like NVIDIA is testing the waters by launching its PC Gaming Revival Kit in certain regions. It will surely be spread across the globe once it acquires a certain degree of positive response from users.

But before presuming too much, our readers should know that this is a ‘revival’ kit. That is the most users should be expecting it to do. The bundle will only refresh or recover components of the PC in question. Not transmute it into an ultimate giant, capable of taking any new updates that are thrown at it.

Here are the several goodies the PC Gaming Revival Kit bundles together:

PC Gaming Revival Kit components:

The pack appears to be currently geared towards Spanish-speaking European audiences. The kit has:

  • an MSI GeForce GTX 1060 3GB OC Twin Frozr graphics card
  • Corsair Force Series LE 240 SSD
  • a Corsair CX450M power supply with 80 Plus Bronze certification
  • a copy of Gears of War 4
  • and an Nvidia branded T-shirt.

The total costing of the kit has been translated to €399 or $416.62. Doesn’t sound so great when weighed it in terms of money. Given that, purchasing all these components separately would round up to a figure of $419.75 (in the United States) at retail.

This makes the package perfect for two uses. One, a neat Christmas gift for your gamer friend (presumably having an outdated system). And two, bring a lapsed gamer back into business, who apparently doesn’t want to spend big bucks on updating his system counterparts.

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