PC Health Check app is causing problems on Azure AD workstations

by Alexandru Poloboc
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  • The Pc Health Check app's functionality is already being questioned by many, after struggling with it.
  • New user reports indicate that it will fail to diagnose on Azure AD connected workstations as well.
  • Those who tried were prompted by error messages such as: Updates are controlled by your organization, check with your IT admin for assistance.
  • The only unofficial workaround available at the moment is logging on to each individual machine with a personal account. 
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As you might know, we’ve been constantly mentioning the PC Health Check app lately, as it is the tool that we will use to determine if your systems are compatible with Microsoft’s new OS.

We already established that there are some issues with it, as the app won’t properly function for everyone. But there is another factor you should keep in mind when using this software: other Microsoft security products.

Update: Microsoft temporarily removed the PC Health Check app and plans to get it back online before Windows 11 becomes generally available. Because of multiple complaints from users and some problems related to Windows 11 minimum requirements, the Redmond giant decided to rebuild and adjust the app for improved reliability and guaranteed compatibility. Find out more details from Microsoft’s official statement.

Azure AD connected workstations can’t be diagnosed

A new Reddit thread has been causing quite a ruckus among the Windows community. It seems that some users have found yet another thing wrong with the diagnosis application know as PC Health Check.

I have a few workstations that are Azure AD connected. It is the basic Azure AD provided with our Office 365 Business subscriptions.

When I try to run the PC Health Check Windows 11 compatibility tool, I get a message telling me something along the lines of “updates are controlled by your organization, check with your IT admin for assistance”. I am the only “IT Admin” to speak of related to my Azure and Office subscriptions.

Apparently, Microsoft’s Azure is actually preventing the PC Health Check app from doing its job, which is establishing if a device is compatible or not with Windows 11.

Could Microsoft have overlooked this important aspect? After all, its one of their major trademark products so, technically, they should have been aware of this software clash.

So, for users that have such as setup, as described in the Reddit post, diagnosing the devices with the PC Health App is a bit trickier than one might think.

How do you diagnose such devices?

There is no proper or official documentation that could answer this question yet, only suggestions. Some of the more tech-savvy users that came across this issue have come up with some sort of workaround.

The trick is to use a personal account for each individual workstation, while trying to diagnose the system with PC Health check app.

Apparently this technique worked for some of the users that went ahead and tried it. So keep that in mind if you ever find yourself in a similar predicament.

Fortunately, Microsoft still has a bit of time to iron out theses issues, until the big public rollout begins, most likely towards the end of this year.

Have you also struggled with the PC Health Check app? Tell us all about it in the comments section below.

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