People bar to be dropped in upcoming Windows 10 version

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Reports are being circulated that Microsoft intends to drop the People bar feature in the Windows 10 19H1 update. The original report came from a certain Albacore who (I am reliably informed) is normally accurate in his revelations.

I know what you are asking because, to be really honest, so was I. What is the ‘People’ bar and why haven’t I been using it? So, let me explain what it is first.

People bar feature

I had to do some research here so please forgive any mistakes. The ‘People’ bar was a way to keep your mostly commonly used contacts in the taskbar. It was especially useful for people who use Skype a lot or for email.

By all accounts, the people who use it like it, but it seems that there are so few users of the ‘People’ bar that Microsoft reckons it can get rid of it with little to no fuss.

People Bar

Any Feedback yet?

Microsoft has neither denied nor confirmed the original report, so nothing new there then. However, looking at the comments sections of various sites, it seems that the consensus is that it was a good idea, poorly executed with little support from Microsoft or developers.

Still, I suppose the argument goes that if there aren’t enough users, why would developers get involved, and if it is not being developed, shy should users get involved? Definitely, a chicken and egg situation going on there.

Wrapping it all up

As I am not a user of the ‘People’ bar, I cannot say whether Microsoft dropping it will be a big loss or not, so I am going to leave it up to you, the readers.

Have any of you been using this feature and if you have, what do you think of it? If it is true that Microsoft is going to drop it, will you miss it or was your initial reaction on hearing the news…’Meh’? Let us know in the comments below.

By the way, don’t get confused between this and the People App, which I don’t believe is going anywhere.



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